It has become a necessity to have a website no matter what area of the food industry you are in.


 Many companies operating in the food sector in the world and in our country are not only promoting their web sites, but also conducting e-commerce activities in a very successful way. Organic food products, dry food products etc. it is possible to sell many food products.

In order to promote your products and to take part in this big market by selling them over the internet, it is important to first clarify your products and the advantages of your products over competitors. After determining the advantages and disavatajlarınızı in the internet environment where competition takes place under more difficult conditions, it is actually greatly easier to grow your business with e-commerce.

Let's look at what companies in the food sector should pay attention to in e-commerce and suggestions together…

Which products should you terich?

In this field you should pay attention to avoid any deterioration during shipping and delivery. It is important to distinguish between products that require cold chains and products that do not require cold chains.

Products requiring cold chains

Seasonal fruit and vegetable products, meat, milk, eggs, cheese, breakfasts etc. products require distribution by cold chain. Protecting its freshness and not spoiling are the first priority food products.

Products that do not require cold chains

Olive oil, dry food products, jams, sauces, tarhana etc. many products you can think of do not need distribution by cold chain. You can ship these and similar products by cargo management.

Site Design

Other than the taste and smell of a food, another important factor that attracts people is its appearance. This is why it is important to use quality photos taken professionally in the design of your site. Use these photos in a way that is compatible with high quality fonts.

In general, a simple design is more preferred in online food sales because it creates a clean and sterile perception. Finally, the colors that you will use in the design should be of the nature to attract visitors. If the food and beverages you sell have a dominant color, it is also important that the colors used in the design are compatible with the products.

Site and Product Content

If you have completed the design studies, it is time to create content. The most important trick here is to create your content in a way that is more appropriate for your own audience. Here it is also useful for SEO to focus on keywords that better define your products. For example, if you only sell chocolate, content with keywords that highlight chocolate varieties can help you get higher rankings on search results pages.

It is also important to increase the value that search engines give to your site by regularly updating your content. In addition to the products, for example, chocolate history or manufacturing processes, brief, but people can interest and social networking articles can be very useful.

Logistics Solutions

If you already have sales in your physical store and want to grow your business on the internet, Logistics is one of the most important issues to pay attention to. Because, as you know very well, food products are among the most sensitive products. It is useful to calculate from the beginning the details about the transport of foods that may cause deterioration of the marzu stay at different temperature levels during transport.

It is also important that the boxes are selected from durable materials and that the products are prepared in a way that prevents them from being damaged. If you are a restaurant and you will deliver the order yourself, it is easier to do so. But if another company is interested in the transportation part of the business, it is better to make sure that they are experienced enough.

Where and how should I start?

The number of customers ordering food and various food products over the internet is increasing every day. Whether it's a website that lets users open the entire menu of your restaurant over the internet and order food, or an e-commerce site where you can sell your confectionery-style souvenirs, you need a reliable infrastructure in any case.